Regular Practice Schedule

Starting Monday, June 10, 2024:

10 and Unders – 8am-9am
11-12’s – 10am-11am
13-14’s & 15-18’s – 9am-10am

The Ridgewood dive team is for divers who can complete the necessary dive and want to compete in the weekly meets. For 10 & unders that is 5 dives, and for 11-19 year olds is 6 dives. Our dive meets are on Friday nights with the occasional week day meet.

If you want to try diving but don’t know the necessary dives, start with dive lessons. The lessons are taught by members of the dive team. Once you learn the necessary dives in lessons you are welcome to try out the dive team if you’re interested. We regularly move divers up from lessons to dive team during the season. If you’re still unsure, come to New Swimmer/Diver Signup Day on June 7, 2024 from 4-6pm ready to show us your skills, and we can let you know if you’re ready!