When anyone in your family comes to the pool, they will need to check in with the account holder’s name at the front desk.  Children under the age of 8, and any children who cannot swim safely by themselves must be accompanied by a responsible parent or caregiver at least 15 years old when visiting the pool.


Prior to leaving the pool, please check out with a staff member at the front desk, again providing the account holder’s name. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff members.

Babysitter/Nanny Memberships

Separate Babysitter/Nanny memberships or dues are not required; members who have paid dues in full may send their children to the pool in the care of a sitter age 15 or older. If you have a consistent babysitter/nanny that will accompany your children to the pool, it is helpful for us to have that person’s name on file.  If you have not already provided it, you can let us know at check-in.  All sitters must be dressed appropriately to enter the water and must provide active supervision of children in their care. Sitters are not considered active members, may not use the pool when not supervising children of an active member family, and may not bring personal guests when supervising children. Members who provide daycare to a child other than their own may not bring that child to the pool unless the child’s family is a member.

Active Supervision of Children Required

If a child is unable to swim across the Lower Pool without assistance or touching the bottom, that child must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or sitter at all times. The parent or sitter must be within arm’s length of the child; sitting on the pool’s edge is not sufficient supervision. A non-swimming child may not be in the pool wearing any type of flotation device unless a parent or sitter is actively supervising that child.  The only type of flotation devices permissible in the pools are US Coast Guard Approved personal flotation devices (PFDs); weight requirements/limitations should be considered; all approved PFDs will have safety guidelines stamped on them.  Noodles, “water wings” and similar inflatable toys do not meet this requirement.  Pool toys such as soft cloth/sponge balls and dive toys are welcome as long as they are used with discretion and do not interfere with other members’ enjoyment of the pool.


Members are encouraged to bring guests to Ridgewood Pool.  All paid, active memberships receive 4 free guest passes, each of which can be used to admit an individual or family. There will be no physical pass you will need to keep track of.   You are able to determine for which guests you would like to use your free passes; simply let us know when you would like the free pass applied to your guest(s). Guest fees are $10/individual, $20/family. Guests are welcome to visit up to four times per summer, whether they come with you or another member, before purchasing their own membership. You must check in each guest under your name and accompany them during their entire visit. You are also responsible for informing them of this guest policy and any other pertinent pool policies during their visit.  NO GUESTS DURING OPENING OR CLOSING WEEKENDS PLEASE.

Parties and Large Groups

Ridgewood Pool welcomes members to celebrate birthdays, team parties, etc. at the pool. So that we may properly staff the pool, we require that you register all such events with the Pool Manager at least two weeks in advance. Members hosting such events must be present for the duration of the event. Non-members are welcome to attend these events, and must pay regular guest fees. Please check with the Pool Manager for other services or assistance that Ridgewood Pool can provide.  Submit Private Party Request here.


Chairs are available for lounging and depositing your belongings. Please be courteous and reserve only as many chairs as will likely be used at a time.  Feel free to reposition them as you’d like, but please do not drag them as this shortens their life span.  On busy days, chairs are reserved for adult members only. Kids are encouraged to use benches or spread out towels on the deck or grass for seating and storing belongings. Wifi is available throughout the pool area for you to enjoy.


We have an eating area and “Snack Shack” just off the upper pool area where you can purchase kid-friendly snacks, or you can carry in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. (No glass containers please.)  Food must be kept at least 15ft away from the pools at all times per state law.  We can host special events upon advance request to the Pool Manager (e.g., birthday or team parties, etc.).  Gas Grills and tools are available for member use at such events.


  • Wading Pool:  Available for use by anyone 5 years old and younger during regular open swim and in the mornings during lessons and team practices, however there is no lifeguard in the area. Children older than 5 years may be in the Wading Pool area with their families when accompanied by a parent or sitter, and should only use the pool when directly assisting or interacting with the child under 5.  Our intent is to  ensure a safe, gentle area where small children can develop comfort in the water.  Rambunctious play in this area is not allowed.  The area is fully fenced with its own chairs and shade areas. A variety of toys are available in the Kiddie Pool area and upon request from the checkroom, and you may also bring your own. Swim diapers are required for children under 3 years. Changing stations are available in both locker rooms; diapering is not permitted in the pool deck area.
  • Lower Pool: Mixed use.  The lower pool is our brand-new 8-lane primary pool used for open swim and competition.  Please see Active Supervision of Children Required above for child supervision rules.  The Lower Pool has a long, gently sloping ramp, allowing entry/exit for accessibility for all abilities. Lounging/playing is not allowed on the ramp in order to keep it clear exclusively for entry/exit.
  • Upper Pool:  Mixed use. Swim team practices, Masters Swim, evening swim lessons, and lap swimming are all held there at various times during open swim, so please check with a guard if there is any question about whether the upper pool is available for open swim at any given time. At least one lane is open for adult-only lap swimming at all times; please be respectful of lap swimmers and only enter those lanes if you are joining them for laps.   Please be prepared to share lanes with other lap swimmers:  circle swim, and always stay to the right side of the lane.
  • Diving Well:  We encourage members of any age to hone their skills or muster their courage to try one of the two low boards or the only high dive in town; there are no age restrictions. Parents/caregivers are welcome to be in the water to encourage or assist new divers as needed; just be sure to keep enough distance to avoid getting landed on. Goggles/masks are discouraged when going off the diving board. Please wait on the deck until the diver ahead of you has gone off the board before you climb the ladder, and ensure that they are safely to the side before attempting your dive.


Like other pools, Ridgewood is required to meet State and Federal accessibility standards.  All areas of our new facility are accessible, including all restrooms, with ramps to enter our lower pool and wading pool, and lifts for our upper pool and dive well.

Adult Swim

We hold an “Adult Swim” at the top of every hour during open swim for 15 minutes. The lifeguards blow their whistles and ask all children to clear all pools (except the Wading Pool), at which time adults 18 and older can use the pools with a little less mayhem. It gives the kids a chance to have a snack and take a break, and gives the guards a break so they can come back alert and ready for the next round. Children ages 5 and younger may join their parent or caregiver in the water as long as they are under direct supervision at all times and within arm’s reach. During this time all children not in the water with a parent must stay clear of the water to avoid accidental entry; sitting or standing in the gutters or reaching to retrieve toys in the water is not permitted.

Upper Pool Schedule and Lap Swim

Our website features a tentative calendar of the Upper Pool schedule, including Adult Lap Swim times. This calendar will also be posted at the Pool once the season begins. Please be aware that this schedule may change frequently, so watch your email, check the website, follow us on social media or ask a staff member for details. Note: Early season hours will be erratic, as the Swim Team Stroke Clinic uses the pool at varying hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Severe Weather

Threatening weather is bound to happen. All pools and decks will be cleared when thunder or lightning is present. Members must exit to the safety of the locker rooms or their vehicles until at least 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is witnessed, at which time the pool can be reopened.  Please follow us on Twitter at @RWPoolStatus for updates regarding unplanned closings and reopenings.


Please help keep Ridgewood a family-friendly place! Members and Guests are expected to follow Ridgewood Pool rules and policies at all times. Guards and staff will provide corrections and warnings when appropriate. At the discretion of our staff, repeated or egregious violations may result in loss of pool privileges for the remainder of the day or longer. At the discretion of our staff, fighting, bullying, vulgarity, aggressive or other dangerous behavior toward any member, guest or staff will not be tolerated, will result in a suspension of pool privileges and, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, may result in revocation of membership privileges.  Running is prohibited throughout the facility, as wet surfaces may become slippery.  Please also take care to keep the pool deck safe and enjoyable by all by using the trash bins conveniently located throughout the grounds.  Click here to view a Code of Conduct statement by RW’s Board of Directors.

Special Events

Special events are scheduled throughout the season (see the Pool Calendar).  These include the Ice Cream Social and New Member Welcome in June, the Pool Carnival for young members, the Annual Adult Bocce Tournament, Adult Night, Movie Night(s), weekly Teen Nights, and Sunday Brunches for Adults. All membership categories are welcome to participate in Special Events, provided membership is paid in full.