Adult Fitness

Think Ridgewood is just for kids? Think again! Ridgewood Pool offers fun opportunities for adults too!

Adult Free Swim

Adult Free Swim for 15 minutes of every hour. Send the kids to Ed’s Snack Shack for a snack and some rest, and enjoy a calmer experience in the pool with more elbow room just for yourself, with your grown-up friends or with your child 5 or under. Calm not your thing? Dazzle the kids with your diving (or cannonballing) skills in the dive well — no lines!

Adult Masters Swim

Adult Masters Swim for exercise, training and fun! Masters is an 8 week workout class for all adults at Ridgewood, whether you’re a seasoned swim team veteran or just somebody who’s looking to get in shape, improve your swimming, and have a good time. For current season members only.

5:30-6:30am M/W/F

7:15pm-8:45pm T/R

7:00pm-8:30pm Sunday

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Adult Lap Swim

Available in the Upper Pool with a minimum of two lanes during all open swim times plus early mornings, with a few exceptions in the first 2-3 weeks of the season.  ​​

Typical Schedule – TENTATIVE FOR 2024

Adult lap