Ridgewood Pool is a non-profit member organization. In order to ensure the continued success of the pool (and avoid increasing membership fees), members are asked to volunteer services to help defray the cost of hiring out various jobs. Without this volunteer service, we would be unable to keep your pool beautiful and clean throughout the summer. In addition, we would be unable to maintain the events and experiences that make being member of Ridgewood Pool special.

General Member Service Requirement
Each member household (EXCEPT Senior Memberships) is asked to fulfill one shift (approximately 2 hours) minimum of volunteer time for Ridgewood Pool. This shift could include, but is not limited to, Pool Clean-Up days, Pool Carnival, Ice Cream Social, Sunday Brunch contributions, etc. These volunteer opportunities will be available for sign-up online via a Volunteer Spot link from the Ridgewood Pool website. Please be aware that these shifts are tracked, and your family will be assessed a $125 fee if you do not fulfill the season’s General Member Service Requirement. If an activity is not listed on SignUp, it is not tracked and will not fulfill your family’s requirement, unless you contact the Volunteer Coordinator or a Ridgewood Pool Board member prior to the activity. If you have any questions whether an activity or donation will satisfy your service requirement, please contact a Board member. (Board member emails are available on the website.) A preseason buy-out fee of $125 is available in conjunction with your household’s member registration if you know ahead of time that you cannot meet the general membership service requirement.

Team Service Requirements
​Ridgewood hosts 4 home swim meets and 4 home dive meets this season. Parents of all swim team members are required to work in some capacity for at least 3 half-meet sessions, or pay a preseason buy-out fee of $300 with your family’s registration. Dive Team families must work at a minimum of 2 dive meets. These requirements are separate; if your child participates in both teams, you are asked to fulfill both requirements. There are a variety of job opportunities, but each meet requires many workers – we’d much rather have your help than your money! With the large number of participants on our Swim and Dive Teams, there is no way to run a meet without everyone’s help. Ridgewood Pool runs some fun, efficient, and exiting meets — and we appreciate our fantastic families! We couldn’t do it without you! Swim/Dive service shifts do not fulfill your General Membership requirement, and General Membership service does not fulfill the Swim/Dive requirement.

Swim Team Buyout Policy
All volunteer shifts will be carefully tracked. Members will be assessed a $125 fee for each required Swim Team shift that is missed. The fees for not completing these requirements are invoiced after the season is completed, and must be paid prior to or concurrent with the next season’s registration.   A preseason buy-out fee of $300 is available in conjunction with your family’s member registration if you know ahead of time that you cannot meet the  service requirement.