How do you define “Family”?
Immediate family living in the same household under one roof, including elderly parents living with the family/children, couples not married, and/or foster and/or step children and/or foreign exchange students living under the same household, as well as families with joint placement arrangements.  Any children residing in the home must be the legal responsibility of at least one of the adults who is part of the family unit.  A babysitter/nanny working in someone’s home is NOT considered a member of the family and may accompany children to the pool only when providing babysitter/nanny services.  Applications for consideration of special circumstances should be submitted in writing to for review by the RW Board of Directors.

What if two parents share custody of children?
A primary household may register for a membership to include a parent, children, and any other adults living in the same household (see definition of “Family” above).  The other parent may:

  1. accompany the children to the pool as a child care provider in lieu of the primary registered adult(s),
  2. purchase his/her own single or couple membership to gain unlimited access to the pool with or without the children, or
  3. purchase an additional Family membership for the adults/children in his/her household so that his/her household can enjoy the full benefits of membership also.

I provide child care.  Can I bring the kids I watch to the pool with me?
Any children who use the pool must be current members with their own family, or are otherwise considered guests and subject to our Guest Policy.

Can we prorate our membership?
We do not currently offer membership prorating.

Can we pay in installments?
You may make installment payments however you would like until the pool opens for the year; please contact the Membership Coordinator to arrange a schedule that works for you. No installment payments will be accepted after that with the exception of our Initiation Fee Installment Plan.

Do you offer single-day or guest passes?
We do not offer single-day guest passes to the general public.  Four guest credits are added to all active member accounts when the pool opens.   Additional guests are welcome for the following fees:

  • Families: $20 (2 guest credits)
  • Individuals: $10 (1 guest credit) – An individual may be a guest of any member a cumulative maximum of 4 times.  (Teen Night participation does not count towards this maximum.)

Guest credits can be purchased at the front desk for full price, or members can purchase multipacks of guest credits online in advance via their online account for discounted rates.  The more guest credits you purchase in advance, the deeper the discount.  Guest credit purchases are non-refundable.

Who is required to pay an Initiation Fee?
All new members must pay an Initiation Fee, including Individual and Couple memberships, and will then become Permanent Members.  Families purchasing a Trial Membership and Senior Members are the only exceptions.  Families who choose a Trial Membership year must pay the Initiation Fee to return to the pool as Permanent Members in subsequent years.

A new member can privately purchase a Membership/Stock Certificate from a Permanent Member, (known as “Stock”, issued prior to 2024) to satisfy the new member’s Initiation Fee. Membership/Stock Certificate transfers are accepted and arranged privately between buyer and seller through personal contacts or public marketplaces such as Facebook or Craigslist.  Ridgewood is not involved with these private transactions other than to verify the authenticity of the certificate being sold upon request.  Click here to initiate a private Membership/Stock Certificate transfer.

What happened to “Stock“?

Bylaws changes proposed by the Board of Directors, and voted on and approved by the Membership in January 2024 cleaned up language in the bylaws that inconsistently used the term “stock”.  The prior term “stock” is synonymous with the new term “Initiation Fee”, described above.  Similarly, the prior term “stockholders” is synonymous with the new term “Permanent Members”.  The only difference is that Membership/Stock Certificates are privately transferrable, while Initiation Fees are not.  In other words, starting in 2024, new members who pay the Initiation Fee cannot sell their Permanent Member status in the future when they are done being members.

Are carry-ins allowed?
Members are welcome to carry-in food and non-alcoholic beverages in non-glass containers.  In order to keep our decks clear and our pool water clean, we prefer that food be brought to the snack area for your enjoyment.

Can we get a tour?
Our friendly staff members are happy to provide tours of our facilities upon request, during open season regular business hours.  Advance notice is not required, though the best time for a tour is at the top of the hour during regular open swim times, when the lifeguards take their break and staff is more readily available.

Can we host a party at the pool?
Members are welcome to host special events at the pool (e.g. birthday parties, baseball picnics, graduation parties) when arrangements are approved in advance with our pool manager.  Standard guest rates ($10/Individual, $20/Family) will apply to any guests who are not already members. Parties may start a minimum of 15 minutes after the pool opens and must end 15 minutes before the pool closes.  Click here to request a Private Party.