Free Staff Membership

As a staff member, you benefit from a free Ridgewood membership for yourself, allowing you to use the pool outside of your scheduled shifts, and to bring guests free of charge.  This benefit is for you, the staff member,  ONLY, and does not extend to the rest of your family/household.

Which membership level should your family get?

  • If nobody else in your family wants to use the pool themselves, they do not need to get any membership at all.
  • If only 1 or 2 other ADULTS in your household would like to use the pool, they should get an  INDIVIDUAL or COUPLE membership.
  • If any CHILDREN want to use the pool, or you have a household with 3 or more adults living there who want to use the pool, they should get a FAMILY REC or FAMILY PLUS membership.
  • See our Membership page for membership level descriptions and prices.

Did your family already register and pay for the wrong membership level now that you know this?

  • YES: Please have them contact the Membership Coordinator at to adjust their account.
  • NO: Then they’re all set!

Staff Swim/Dive Team Participation

Staff who are still eligible to participate on Swim/Dive Team must register and pay team fees.

Does your family have a Family Plus Membership?