Important Code of Conduct Message to our Members
from RW’s Board of Directors

​Dear Ridgewood Membership,

The members who founded Ridgewood sixty years ago envisioned more than just a pool. They wanted to build a gathering place where neighbors could come together and enjoy time as a family. Sixty years later, this is still our vision. Part of what makes Ridgewood so special is the sense of community our predecessors built, and that we strive to continue. This is a place where all should feel included, appreciated, welcome and safe.

Periodically, instances of behaviors that contradict the fundamental spirit of Ridgewood —behaviors that are marked by a general lack of respect for adults, fellow children and even staff —are brought to the attention of the staff (whether reported by other members or directly observed).  It is our expectation that the staff intervene and, if necessary, take corrective action.  It’s their responsibility to help maintain a safe environment that is consistent with the Ridgewood vision of community, and we fully support them in this role.

​The responsibility does not lie solely with the staff, however. We are asking that you, Ridgewood members, take the time to reinforce the values of our community with your children, and to make it clear that we can neither allow nor tolerate behaviors that make any fellow members feel intimidated, disrespected or unsafe. We also ask every member to help preserve our positive culture by modeling positive behaviors at the pool. It is our hope that all members treat each other and the hardworking staff with courtesy and respect.

Thank you for making Ridgewood such a special place.


​Ridgewood Pool Board of Directors